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Legend of Zelda


Basic information:
Made for the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System)
Was recently  remade for the gameboy advanced system
This is the first Zelda game ever made.  The story is that Zelda was kidnapped by Gannon and you have to save her.  You have to collect the eight pieces of the triforce and restroe them.  Then you have to defeat Gannon.
My opinion:
I liked this game a lot.  There are lots of secrets to discover and many puzzles to solve.  One thing I really enjoyed about this game is the second quest.  The second quest has different secrets, harder enemies, and is overall much more difficult.  One thing I didn't like about this game is the bugs.  Problems I have had were saved games magically deleting themselves and coming back and overwriting other saved games a month later.  Overall I enjoyed this game a lot.  All the secrets a puzzles and other suprises made it very interesting.

Email address:

This 3D map was generously provided to this website from  At this website there are many more cool demos like this one.

Game Genie Codes
AVVLAUSZ        Don't take damage from anything
YYKPOYZZ        Create character with 8 life hearts
NYKPOYZX        Create character with 16 life hearts
SZVXASVK        Don't lose rubies when buying
SZNZVOVK        Infinite bombs
ESKUILTA        Wear a blue ring
OSKUILTA        Wear a red ring
SZVXASVK + AEVEVALG     All items for free
Cheat of the Day
type ZELDA as your name and you will warp to the second adventure
To get lots of rupees quickly go to the square right below the  one in the upper right hand corner.  One part of the wall of rocks can be walked upon.  It will go to a screen with a cave.  Go in and a moblin will give you lots of rupees.