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How to take care of Video Games

This is a page on how to take care of your video games and other related items.  If your video game is having trouble saving, then you might have to replace the battery.  To do this, use a screwdriver (for the SNES and most Gameboy games you will need a special screwdriver) to unscrew the game cartridge.  Take out the battery and replace it with a new one.  You will probably need a special kind of battery.  I do not know which kind of battery you will need though.
If your game controller is not working, I can help.  Use a screwdriver to open up the game controller.  If a button is not working you will have to replace the contacts.  For a quick fix up, put a small piece of aluminum foil on the contact.  This has worked for me and my NES controller.  If you use too much aluminum foil, the buton will be to sensitive.  Do not try this with a joy stick though.  If a joystick is not working, just replace the controller.
If a game is not working, don't blow on it.  This will slowly destroy the contacts.  Instead get one of those small cans with compressed air used for cleaning dust off things.  Use one of those instead.  Or you can get a cleaner and clean games with that.

I am not responsible for any mistakes you make while trying to fix a game or controller.