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BS Zelda

Basic Information: Made for the SNES
This game I will provide some more information on.  It was made in Japan to be used with the Satellaview but was never released.  The Satellaview was an accesory for the SNES that could download games or game improvements.  It never bacame popular.  BS Zelda was supposed to be a copy of the original LOZ game with SNES graphics.  Though while it was being made it was changed a bit.  It never was released or finished but ROMs and Hacks for the game can be downloaded.
My opinion of this game is that it would be good if it was finished.  Its fun to play for a while but since it was never finished it is not as interesting as the original LOZ.
You can get the LEGAL ROM for this on the downloads page.  You can get hacks for this game here

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