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Four Swords Adventure

Basic Information: Made for the Game Cube.  Needs a gameboy connected to the Game Cube to play.
I liked this game a lot when playing with a friend or with my brother.  It is fun to compete for force gems and battle eachother.  You also have to cooperate during most of the game to get farther.  This is defintly a good party game.  Another thing that impressed me were the graphics.  Because this is running on the Game Cube, the 2D graphics and special FX are really cool.  There are three things I didn't like about this game.  Most of the puzzles weren't as difficult as most of the other games.  Also you needed two or more Game Boys Advanced and two or more link cables to play.  If you only had one Game Boy, your stuck playing by yourself.  And the single player mode wasn't that good.  After playing single player for a while, it got repetitive.  So if you are going to get this game, make sure you have two or more Game Boys, two or more link cables, and a few friends (or siblings).
The sales for this game are very low.  This is probably because you need two or more GBAs to ply multiplayer.  Also $50 is expensive for 2D game.  The one big problem I found with this game after beating it is that it is too short.  I was expecting a long game.  I hope Nintendo doesn't make a mistake like this again.

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