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Other Zelda games or games with Zelda in them

Super Smash Bros. and Super Smash Bros. Melee
SSB for the N64 and SSBM for the GC are multiplayer games with lots of fighting.  They both feature lots of characters from Nintendo games and levels (basically battelfields) based on their games.
Both of these games featured Link in them and levels related to Zelda games.  In the first one, Link is probably the worst character, but his level is one of the better ones.  In Melee Link is much better, and Young Link is also a character.  Levels related to Zelda are also veryt good.
Soul Calibur II for GC
A simple one on one fighting game.  Its a very good game with lots of levels and a huge variety of characters.  One character for the GC version is Link.  Link has a whole variety of weapons from his games and lots of really cool moves.  Defintly a good game to get even if you are not a Zelda fan.
Game and Watch
I know very little about this.  A game and watch was a portable game system that could only play one game.  Many different games were made and one had a Zelda game.  I believe that this Game and Watch had two screens and that is all I know.  You can buy these on e-bay, but they can be expensive.
Collector's Addition
This is a disk for the GC with LOZ AOL OOT and MM on it.  It also had a demo for TWW and some basic history of Zelda.  Also some of the games were improved.
Watch with a game
Something else I know little about besides you can get it on e-bay.  It was one of a small series of watch with a game on it.  One of the watches had a Zelda game.  All I know is that the Zelda game was similar to LOZ and the watches never sold well.
Master Quest
All I know about this game is that it was originally made for the N64 DD (Disk Drive).  It was similar to OOT but a lot harder.  It was released here in a bonus disk included with TWW game.
Animal Crossing
I've never played this game, but I was told that in it you can get itmes related to the Zelda series.
Navi Trackers
This was a game only released with the Four Swords disk in Japan.  I really don't know much about this game besides you needed to a GameBoy to play it.
CD-i Zelda
I firs read about  this when doing a report on video games.  It was a Zelda game made for the Phillips CD-i player.  Nintendo wanted to partner up with Phillips but later dumped the idea.  They gave Phillips permission to use Nintendo characters in their games and three Zelda games were made, and they all were horrible.

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