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Adventure of Link

Basic information: Made for the NES
This is the worst Zelda game in my opinion.  It is not a very bad game but not a very good one either.  It gets repetitive because you get forced to battle a constant stream of enemies in dungeons.  Every five seconds there is another enemy you can't avoid.  In the outside world you are constantly getting forced to batle enemies.  Also you can't use items (instead you use spells) makes he game a little less interesting.  I have to say that some of the enemies are interesting to battle and the bosses are unique.  Also he side scroll action makes the game different form all the other Zelda games.

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Game Genie codes:
SZKGKXVK Link has infinite lives.
PASKPLLA Link starts with 1 life.
TASKPLLA Link starts with 6 lives.
PASKPLLE Link starts with 9 lives.
AZUOLIAL Mega jump
OYKEEVSA + NPKEOVVA Swap shield spell for Fire spell.
LYKEEVSA + VAKEOVVE Swap shield spell for Spell spell.
LZKEEVSA + OPKEOVVA Swap shield spell for Fairy spell.
IIKEEVSE + VAKEOVVE Swap shield spell for Life spell.
VTKEEVSA + OPKEOVVA Swap shield spell for Thunder spell.
GXNAESON Infinite magic
AAUOLIAL "LINK CAN FLY" Link can fly in the direction he jumps if you hold down the A button.
IIPPPP Alter the map screen. May only alter the Northern part of the map.
VVPPAA When entering a town, cave, etc. you will fall from the sky. You can walk on the roofs of places that have them to possibly skip areas/enemies. May also alter the area itself if you are on a roof.
ISISPP Links runs left/right very fast when in an area.
EEPEAX No Monsters on Overworld Map. When in side a side view screen the screen is a little messed up, but it still works.