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Recent News:  I'm sorry if you've tried e-mailing me and gotten a bad e-mail address.  A virus screwed up my computer recently and made a fake google page and makes sure i can't conect to any google-related page.  This prevented me from making the e-mail account.  If you want to tell me something join the forums (link below) and become a member and post something there.


For anyone who doesn't know what a ROM aor emulator is I'll tell you.  A ROM is a video game you can play on your computer.  An emulator is the program necessary for you the play the game.  ROMs are illegal but emulators are not.  The only exception to this is when the ROM is a public domain or not copyrighted.  Public domain ROMs are very pointless and pop up on a lot af websites clainming they have "real ROMs".  The chance you are going to find a ROM depends what system is for.  NES and SNES ROMs are easy to find while N64 and MAME (Arcade ROMs) are very difficult.  Lots of sites claim they have ROMs but don't.  Below is a list of different types of ROMs and where to get them.

now we have a forums page.

The Atari ROMs will remane for download on the fron page until I have time to move them.

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Atari ROMs t-z

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