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Cracks and Serials

Many programs you get off the internet you have to pay for.  Usually you get a limited trila version and later have to register it.  If you don't wnat to pay you can use cracks and serials.  Cracks modify a program to get rid of time limits and restrictions.  Serials register a program.  The problem with cracks is that they don't always do everything, can delte a program, or might be viruses or they just might not work.  Plus 99% of all crack/serial sites have spyware and adware.  To avoid getting most of this stuff get a good antivirus/antiadware/antispyware and get mozilla fire fox and windows service pack 2.
To help everyone who wants cracks and serials I am setting up a crack serial page here.  If you have cracks or serials for common programs e-mail  the files to me at  I will put up some of my own stuff soon enough.  ALso e-mail me with requests for cracks and ill get them.
I am not posting up links to cracks and serial sites because a) a lot of them go on and off from working and b) i do not want to be responsible for any viruses/adware/spyware that you download.  If you REALLY REALLY want a list of site e-mail me.

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