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ASCII Emulation

Here is a neat little program that tuwns games into ASCII animation.  The games are still playable, but they are harder to play.  This is called an emulater because it can play NES games only.  It can't play all NES games though.

Remember, I will not give out NES games called ROMs because they are illegal.  You can find them at other sites though.  DO NOT ASK ME WHERE TO GET ROMS.  Also, if you know how to program, you can freely work on this emulater and summit a better version to me.

How To Use

Drop the ROM into the program.  It will start to play the ROM.  Use + and - keys to adjust how fast it plays.  ENTER key is start, TAB key is select, A and S is a and b buttons.

For more emulaters got to

click here to download file