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3D Zelda Download

3D Zelda Contest

To do:
add full gameplay
(please do not make the game a lot different from the original)
1. add enemies
2. add all items
3. add all dungeons and bosses
4. try add all secrets: bomb walls, passages, caves, ect. ( i understand if you can't get all of them). if you need a map with most of the secrets e-mail me.
5. add a status bar to top of screen
6. add a staus screen
7. make the lost woods actually "lost"
8. Fix the annoying blocks with graphics

additional to do
1. make cliffs and ladders and elevation
2. make the trees look more like bushes
3. take away the two (origianl) octos or make them less of a nusiance
4. improve overall graphics
5. use bow and arows like a 3D shooter (put aimer)

cool to do - optional
1. add falling snow in the grave yard and other "white" places
2. make the bridges a little more exciting (ex. lower the water level and make a rope bridge)
3. put a loop on the music and add additional music (add original music)
4. put rocks together to make big boulders (The rocks you see in a boulder form cluster)
5. add sandstorms in the desert
6. make the docks more realistic
7. add a intro screen just like the one in the original game
8. make a "game manual"
9. Put names on the grave stone

Contest Prizes
The first person to fully complete this will recieve a copy of the Twilight Princess for free.

Contest Rules
There is no date this has to be done by.  The first person to submit an improved version will start
a two week deadline.  This means that after the first (acceptable) version people will have two
weeks to submit their version.  Once the two weeks are up the person with the best version wins.
Afterwards you can makeadditional improvements.  A few guidlines:
1) Do not submit small frequent updates during contest time.  Make a very good version and submit
that.  Later you can submit small updates.
2) You have to give me the source code.  You can request that I do not put it up on the internet. 
The original source code (what's up there now) will stay.  You can request that I do put it up too.
3) To be able to submit please have all the "to do" done, two "additional to do" done, and one "cool
to do" done.  The more you do the better chance you hve of winning.  Also try to do the more
important stuff than the not really needed stuff.
4)Judging will be on: gameplay, graphics, bugs, cool extras, creativity, and file size.
6) Do not use a copyrighted Zelda logo or I might get introuble with Nintendo.
7) You can work in teams or go solo.  If a team wins they will only get one prize.
8) You must give credit to Paul Robello ( the original creator of the game), and anyone who participated in making it

Have Fun!
Paul Sori

screenshot from The Legend of Zelda

What's New?

This is a 3D model based off a 2D game The Legend of Zelda.  It is not a playable game yet.  If you make it a game I will put it up for download.  Some features include: tab brings up a 2D map; 2 octo's follow you around (they do not attack);  A cool lens flare effect.  A to do list is also for download.

If you have improved the game, e-mail it to me at

click here to download file